Google and its endless tools!

Hello, and welcome to another Gift of Gab blog post. We will briefly talk about Google and all the wonderful tools available to business owners.Do you know that google owns a subsidiary or a tool for every letter of the alphabet? With so many tools there are bound to be some that are better than others. Let’s cover the very important ones that you should focus on first

Google analytics,

This should be one of the first tools that you should set up. It gives you an incredible look at the traffic going in and out of your website. Setting it up is not very hard, posting a code to your website DNS or a short code to a website system such as wix or go daddy. This will help you see where your visitors are coming from so that you can strengthen different marketing trails.

Google Webmaster tools,

This tool can connect to your analytics account and one of the most important uses is to crawl your page. Google crawls through pages to identify where to put it on the search criteria for different keywords people look for in Google. Giving google the sitemap codes so that Google bots can scan your page allows you to get closer to page 1 faster if you have the proper keyword content.

Google voice,

Google voice is a no brainer. It provides you with a local number for free to use for your business. This allows you to post a business number to your social media accounts or website that is not your personal number. It has many great features such as voice to text notifications of your voice mails, and the ability to check who is calling before answering.

Google My business Listing

This is a way to make your business google certified. This allows you to show your business off in the google map feature. It also helps your website get to the front of page 1. The process is simple, shortly after requesting verification, you will receive a letter in the mail with a verification code. You log in to your account with the code and BOOM, you are done.

The best part about all these tools is that they are free! So log in to your google account or create one and take advantage of some of the greatest internet tools available. Don’t forget that google is the number one search engine, and the second? YouTube, which is owned by Google. So these tools are extremely important. If you need any help with your internet marketing, give us a call!

Have a great week!


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