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Today we are going to cover Facebook marketing tips. Facebook has just reached 2 billion users! That is highly impressive. But what does this mean for you? More opportunities? A wider audience? Yes and yes, but also, more competition. It is important to understand the algorithm of Facebook and trends that are currently achieving results on the world’s biggest social media site.

  1. Videos!

It is obvious by now that videos are the way to go. Video posts achieve on average 5 times more engagement than standard or picture posts. It is estimated that by 2020, 85% of facebook will be video driven. When posting videos, the important part is analyzing how people watch videos. Most users come from mobile and most of the users do not open on video links to watch them. They will let them play in their newsfeed with no sound. Users typically do not linger long on a video either, so my advice, keep the videos short, maybe 1-4 minutes max, and make sure they have captions or subtitles

2. Going Live!

Going Live is the best way to reach all your followers. They will get notifications that you have gone live and are likely to open up facebook to watch you. The live videos differ from standard videos because you are trying to attract an audience to watch you live. For these style of videos, I recommend being live for a minimum of 5 minutes or so, you need to give people time to join in. Once they do, make sure to interact with

your viewers

3. Posting frequency!

It is still important to post daily on facebook. Remember that once people stop interacting with your posts, they will see your updates less and less. To stop this from happening I recommend boosting certain high engaging posts to your fans so that they remember who you are

I hope this information helps everyone!

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