Real Estate and Technology

It would be an understatement to say that the internet has made an impact in our world. Everything in the past 20 years has changed all due to the internet. Whole industries have plummeted, others have had to change, and thankfully some are still hanging on. Netflix, redbox and, streaming companies started by taking out video rental locations and now have revolutionized the way tv service operates. Companies like Uber and Air BnB have given the power to the people to create some extra income and as consumers expanded our options for vacation stays, not to mention what other companies such as priceline have done to the travel industry. Amazon was an online book store and has now grown over to be a powerhouse that is causing whole malls to close. These are some of the ways that consumer spending has been affected. When you have spending being affected, your marketing has to take a change.

Real estate has surprisingly survived so far. Despite the fact that many organizations including the labor department thinking realtors would be severely wounded by the growing technology in our world. Thankfully, it has only enhanced it. The real estate industry has been able to assimilate technology into it’s daily operations and what you have now is a more valuable version of a real estate agent. But doesn’t all this change mean that the way real estate marketing is done has evolved? Or maybe even changed completely?

Real estate agents have a more competitive market now. Anyone can search through properties and even take 3d tours before even contacting an agent. And we all know how easy it is to stay in touch thanks to technology. So what’s the game plan? Many agents choose to spend their efforts and most times a pretty penny to be featured in popular places such as Zillow or trulia. Other’s have opted to focus on continuing print media. Ads in the newspaper, mailings to near by neighborhoods, and magazine features for more extravagant homes. But which one works the best?

Both of these versions of real estate marketing offer it’s advantages. You would think that the online approach is obvious over print. But let’s take into consideration why technology has not replaced real estate agents yet, and that is the human and emotional element. The experience of working with a realtor is often one you don’t forget. You develop a relationship when you work together to find something that means so much. Print marketing continues to provide a personal touch in real estate. It is a nice gesture to receive a postcard from your real estate agent, or a personalized offer.

Marketing in real estate takes efforts in new and old marketing habits. But you have to push beyond those limits. With technology changing and evolving, marketing has to be creative. We have just developed an Amazon Alexa skill for Northern Virginia Real Estate Listings. This daily briefing sill for alexa tells you daily listings in different areas and price ranges. This is a useful skill for anyone with an Amazon Echo. Even if you are not in the market to buy a home, you can still hear daily prices and values to better understand the ever changing market to better estimate the value of your home or area. We are also now providing more real estate videos and blogs. Check out our website, social media pages or you tube channel to stay up to date with real estate news, articles, and trends. Everything from purchase planning to market analysis. . To stay ahead in this market you must be everywhere, and show your clients and future clients why your services are second to none. Developing new ways to digitally market real estate will be the only way to stay on top.

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