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It is no surprise that the world is going digital. Our advancements in technology have completely changed things. We talked about this in a previous post, but what is a digital world doing for us?

Just to put technology growth into perspective, 10 years ago, an sd card with 264 MB was going for a couple hundred dollars, today? You can get one with over 100 gigs for less than $50. So technology is moving along and things get easier to do online, because not only is storage easier but we have clouds now!

It is important to embrace using the advancement of technology for ones personal gain if you are looking to get ahead. Take ToysRus for example. They believed in the early 2000's that the internet wouldn't really pick up in popularity. They began outsourcing their online sales to a little company at the time called Amazon. Fast forward to present time, ToysRus, the biggest player in the toy multi billion dollar industry, is now filling for Chapter 11. And Amazon? Well, I think we all know that Amazon is doing okay right now.

The internet has much to offer its users. More than even becoming your own rental company with Air BNB or becoming a taxi driver with Uber or Lyft. There are milions of affiliate programs, social media agency positions, lead generation paid jobs. Any one in todays world can make a good ammount of money working from home on their computer, they just have to find the right tool to invest money and time into. No one is stopping you from doing this but you.

Of course, making money online is not for everyone, but even running a business or an organization, you better learn how to use the internet efficiently. If you were to get a brick and mortar store for your business, you would probably look for a building that screams location, location, location. But really the only location you really need to worry about is your location on the first page of google. You can have the best location with the most foot traffic and have a hard time competing against the hole in the wall competitor because they have better reviews on yelp than you. The internet is not going anywhere, it is time everyone starts adapting to it

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