Voice Marketing

Voice Marketing. This new style of marketing is a result of our advancing technology. We have talked about this style of technology before and we are making it our monthly topic again because it is just that important.

Marketing always has been and always will be ever changing. This has to do with technology, location, cultures, customs, society, and many other factors. Voice marketing, in this instance, is thanks to the wonderful voice assistants that every company is developing. Devices such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and many others. 35 Million Americans are estimated to use voice assistants in their homes at this time and that number will only continue to grow. We at Gift of Gab have developed the Alexa skill for real estate listings for the northern Virginia area and so far with organic marketing it has caught the attention of many. Matt McGee wrote an incredible article about this that you can read here--> Local Marketing on Alexa? The Real Estate Industry Gives It a Shot

In the world of real estate, they always mention the most important part is, location, location, location. Which is absolutely true. But when it comes to businesses, the location, location, location now refers to the first page of Google as well as your location and exposure in other forms of marketing.

Marketing is ever changing, but one thing is for sure, you have to stay ahead of the trends and never stop putting 110% into your marketing, every month, week, day, and hour. Your business depends on it

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