New Facebook Algorithm

Facebook algorithm

About a week ago, Facebook decided to change their newsfeed algorithm. There are changes in this new algorithm that will affect business pages.

Bringing People Together

Facebook believes they have gone in a bad direction and they are not providing a platform for people to connect. As of last week the new algorithm is focused on interactions between friends. The new algorithm is based largely on comments on posts as well as their length. Facebook wants people to really communicate and discuss topics without distractions. For this reason, they will be cutting back on videos, branded posts, and page posts. With the goal of interaction, Facebook will also focus on group pages as well as friend recommendations.

What does this mean for business pages?

Unfortunetaly, Facebook has not released enough information to know how eaxctly business pages will be affected by this change. The facebook algorythm will continue to develop over the following weeks. We can expect organic numbers to take a dip and we might also achieve lower results on paid advertising such as ads, and post boosts. At this time we do not know what the size of the impact will be. All the marketers in the country are working on trying to pull data the next few weeks to figure out the best plan of action for this new system.

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